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We met while working at the same advertising agency and quickly discovered we had much more than a job in common. Among other things, we shared an intense desire to experience the world in a way that the average two-week vacation could never permit. We acted on this urge in early 2003 by quitting our jobs to travel together for nearly seven months through New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia. While away, we met many other people traveling as couples who were surprised to learn that we kept individual journals and shot our own photographs, that these common travel hobbies were not somehow designated as one per person. This never occurred to us; we are both passionate about photography and writing, and we enjoy sharing each with the other. The idea for this exhibit stemmed from just that: the desire to share our varying perspectives on a handful of the trip's highlights, to transport our audience in more ways than one.

We hope you enjoy it.

Laura & Scott



Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam